Little Social: A French Hideaway from London’s Hustle & Bustle

We stepped in through a dark door, not knowing what we’d see upon entering…and we were greeted with warmth and atmosphere. (Good start).


The lady by the door seemed genuine in her welcoming, and it was a little chilly outside, so we also welcomed the literal warmth of the restaurant!

Although we had arrived a few minutes early for our lunch reservation, we were sat straight away, in a cosy little booth, and offered cocktails to begin our lunch adventure.

I felt like I had left London as soon as we stepped into this place. The space had a pleasantly rustic French feel to it – it was relaxed, not “try hard”…and the staff were attentive, but not overly fussing with us. Very pleasant indeed.


A relaxing and flavourful two-course lunch (I’d highly recommend the “Spaghetti alla Puttanesca” with capers, smoked anchovies, black olives, smoked almonds, basil & aged parmesan) followed our incredible cocktails (one of which was called “Beautiful To Me” and served with a mirror that had “Tu es Belle” scribed on it with lipstick!)

Lunch was accompanied by a lovely bottle of Shiraz (Harvest Moon, which you’ll find on my Wine Design Pinterest Board)…and I even squeezed in a cheeky dram of Rare Cask Macallan whisky to round off the lunch (which is pinned to my Wonderful Whisk(e)y Board)!

Will happily return to Little Social, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Good job, Jason Atherton!

Marcus Wareing at The Berkley

So, I was lucky enough to get a room at The Berkeley Hotel (Knightsbridge, London) with a table booked for dinner at The Marcus Wareing 2-Michelin starred restaurant.

As it was Friday, they had a little twist on the “Fish & Chip Friday” tradition; a little cup of fish soup, with a chip foam on top, and a pea puree croquette by the side – I could even taste hints of salt and vinegar in the outer coating of the croquette! Biting the ends off made the croquette into a straw so you could drink the soup. Brilliant. Beautiful.

Another 8 courses followed (not including the cheese course we respectfully turned down). From Orkney scallop, finger lime, and tapioca… to langoustine and black pudding… foie gras…
a twist on a Manhattan cocktail as a pre-dessert with cubes of cider jelly on the side… and then the chocolate, cucumber and mint parfait dessert – I couldn’t even fit a petit four in with coffee!

A cocktail in the Blue Bar followed – Black Bison, chosen and made for me. Delicious! Then, quite possibly, the comfiest night’s sleep ever.

Seriously. One night, with dinner at Marcus Wareing’s, a post-dinner cocktail in the Blue Bar, and breakfast in the Caramel Room…almost a month’s rent and bills for me! Worth it though. Wow. Just…wow.