Whisk(e)y Watch

I’m a big fan of whisky (I blame my Mum entirely).

Speyside is my current area of focus…I love smooth, creamy whiskies, and steer clear of anything smoked and/or peaty – each to their own, but I’d rather not feel like I’m putting my face into the billowing smoke of a bonfire when my nose gets anywhere near my glass, and I’d really rather not sip on what I can only imagine sipping muddy water tastes like.

I have sampled a fair few delights of the whisky world, and I’ve been on two tasting courses in London, but I’ve got a looong way to go; I’ve only made a tiny dent in the wonderful world of whisky tasting.

As with my wine shopping, I have a search criteria; once I’ve ascertained I’m well and truly clear of anything possibly peated or smotheringly smoked(!) I gravitate towards single malts that are golden in colour, preferably at least 12 years old, and nestled in a beautiful bottle with a lovely label to boot. The old-school bottles used for some whiskies adds such character, I’m proud to have it on display in my alcohol cupboard (yes, I have an alcohol cupboard and I’m proud of its contents!) My whiskies are “on display” in my living room – what can I say; I’m a sucker for a cool bottle! I’m a design girl…attention to detail and design is so important to me (though I’m well aware it doesn’t mean the whisky is going to be to my taste: Laphroaig…lovely, simple label design…worst whisky I’ve ever let enter my mouth!)

My mission now is to keep better track of what I’ve discovered on my whisky journey, thanks to Pinterest! Feel free to have a peek…